Virtual Reality -

Surveying Planning Data - as in Reality

• Virtual Reality in scale 1:1
• Minutes of Meetings
• Project Documentation
• As plant to as built
• Integration and Disassembling
• Animation
• Training

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ESZETT regards itself as the market leader for Virtual Reality for the industrial engineering and construction, both for chemical and power plants.
Since the beginning of our activities, we have supported a variety of projects with considerable success for designers and operators. The high expertise, long lasting experience in project handling, the knowledge of 3D-applications and their appliance are the basis for the successful employment of
Today, we can relocate the planning data of all established 3D planning tools in a new dimension at shortterm to enable you to discuss spontaneous problems with your team as if you were directly on site of your facility.

Our employees know how to handle projects and have reduced costs for engineering, manufacturing and mounting as well as installation considerably by involvement of new VR technology at an early stage for all realized projects. Ask for our references. Use the possibility as satisfied customers have done before. Various companies account for the success of our work by lectures on events and in the specialized press.

The advantages are obvious:

• Integration and disassembling inspection during his
  shutdown planning always present a challenge for plant
  operators. They can be simulated at an 1:1 model so that
  later on the best version is executed.
• Experienced employees can pass on their knowledge to
  younger, inexperienced employees already before an
  installation by a virtual 1:1 training. This advantage is not
  to be underrated with regard to the increasing lack of
  specialized personnel.
• For the modification planning, your 3D planning data
  can also be preprocessed realistically in combination
  with clusters of the inventory control generated by

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