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• Rescue
• Stress Scenario

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Due to the increasing globalization during the last years, larger projects have to be handled at shorter term. Furthermore, large plants are expected to be handled by untrained employees safely. When a failure occurs, an operator with small experience has to be in the position to decide correctly in an instant.
For this, the long-term experience of older co-workers which can be passed on to younger, less experienced employees shall not be underrated. Additionally, besides the technical language barriers because of differing national languages have to be overcome.
A picture says more than 1000 words. With efficient VR training methods you can train by a combination of Virtual Reality and mapped pictures or colour scans according to the latest perceptions of learning psychology. With this, playful approach and the interactivity of a group are of advantage. Depending on your requirements, training scenarios can be composed immersively for a VR powerwall or for a working place resp. mobile terminal equipment.

We offer the following possibilities of training:

• Operation of a technical equipment as e.g.: control station,   reactor or burner
• Installation of an equipment, a power plant or a vessel
• Connection of field-operation-training and control center   training

We differentiate the training scenario into:

• Information gateway
• Guided training
• Free training

The training bases on 3D planning data. Should further data be required, we can provide additional contents. Please take advantage of our wide variety of experien

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