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The Key to successful Modification

• 3D-Laserscanning
• VR-Review of Clusters
• Project Documentation
• 3D Shaping
• Slot Surveying
• Underwater Measurement

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The modern plant construction focuses on new technologies for modifications and modernizations. At short term, an inventory control of the actual situation of a plant is generated, which is the basis for further work.
These technologies include laserscanning. The scan provides digital clusters immediately after the collection which enable precise analysis whether free space is available or e.g. the pipe route systems have to be modified.

The interactive consideration of scans and clusters takes place directly at the workplace with the help of viewers, which are mostly placed at disposal by the manufacturers of laserscanners free of charge.

For the most part, ESZETT focuses on the technology of Leica Geosystems. A permanent cooperation between ESZETT and Leica offers considerable advantages for our customer. Even with projects which have to be executed under particularly difficult conditions, no problem remains unsolved as we have access to the specialists of Leica at anytime. You as our customer benefit from our considerable expertise and a huge amount of experience and international project handling.

This is combined with the latest VR technologies:

• Visualize the scan results in scale 1:1 on our
• All open issues are marked, photographed and passed on
  to our customers as pdf-document.
•Professional 3D shaping, if necessary also with the required
  intelligence of the 3D model for the creation of
  manufacturing isometrics
•Integration of the scans in existing planning surrounding
  (e.g. PDS/PDMS) and viewer (e.g. SmartPlant Review/

Our customers incite us with particular challenges again and again to deal with new subjects. Therefore, we now also offer services in the field of slot surveying as well as the recording below the water surface. Please dare us!

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