Modular tool for efficient project handling

• Workflow for the administration
  of VR-projects
• Data Conversion CAD2VR
• Central Administration of   Projects and Users
• Web-Based, therefore worldwide
• Intelligent Handling by To-dos
• Project Documentation/Minutes
  of Meetings

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To keep the costs for the later mounting on the construction site as low as possible during the planning of plants, both recording and administration of modification information play an important role.

Beside conventional 3D viewers, a huge quantity of company focus on immersive VR technologies with which they can effect the inspection of their projects stereoscopically in an 1:1 scale. These Virtual-Reality- Meetings have to be prepared and followed-up efficiently.

bee® is our tool for this complex task:

• Qualitative converting and preparing of
  the latest 3D planning data for VR meetings
• Administration of change information from
  VR meetings (immersive VR, Navisworks, SmartPlant
  Review, further viewers)

bee® was developed from the long-term cooperation with customers and partners and offers all necessary workflows in an optimal way:

• Latest 3D planning data of different CAD-systems with
  connection of meta-data are placed at the disposal of the
  project team for a VR presentation automated
• All meeting outputs, which result in form of snapshots or
  documents from the inspection meetings, are stored centrally
  in a content-management-system
• All companies and employees involved in the project have
  access rights
• All known additional information, which refers to each building
  component can be allocated via a selective list (AKZ/
  KKS, Tag-No., R&I number, etc.)
• All data, screenshots and documents of the inspection
  meetings with Navisworks , SmartPlant Review, ect. is
  recorded centrally
• The course of change of all compiled meeting issues (Marker)
  can be released from the beginning of the project.
• You can receive an up-to-date overview on the progress
  of the handling of the to-dos and marker.

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